The primary mission of Amorero is to create a more loving world.

A future where we can live more simply & authentically, in harmony with nature, connect deeply with community, & define “success” on our own terms. 

The big dream is to acquire land for The Art Farm; a creative retreat center & artist community to practice building a better society  – more details below.

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The Amorero Art Farm is a big dream to build a unique creative & intellectual retreat, with interactive communal sculptures, meditation spaces, a community farm, event spaces, guest lodgings, art studio, recording studio, gallery & more.

The mission is to create a space where artists can define success on their own terms & everybody gains valuable insights through creative exploration. We want to help people step outside their lives to find perspective & bring more joy, authenticity, purpose & connection into their daily lives.

“The function of the artist is to make people like LIFE better than before.”

– Kurt Vonnegut –

We all know that the modern world can be incredibly frustrating & isolating. Many more people are on a path of self-discovery in recent years with the chaos of the contemporary era. Many of us are pondering the same eternal questions that philosophers have debated for centuries: What makes people truly happy? Are there universal values we all share? What does it mean to be alive? How do we find meaning & purpose?

These are questions we must answer for ourselves & Amorero hopes to create a space for those conversations in the world. We want to talk about how can we structure our personal lives, as well our societies, with more love & intention.

Often, physical & mental distance from our situation will lead us to crucial perspectives. When we take the time to clarify our emotional & physical needs, we can come back to our lives with intention & readiness to create meaningful change. The Art Farm is the tent pole of Amorero’s mission to make the world a more loving place. We will create a space for others to do internal & social explorations; a place where we can all practice dreaming big & working on ways to bring those dreams into reality.

The Art Farm will be a non-spiritual creative retreat, centered on the concept of radical self-reliance; trusting people to define their own path without interference. We’ll build unique meditation spaces & creative experiences that help people do their own inner work. The Art Farm will provide the creative & intellectual space for visitors to do this crucial work to define their intentions & purpose and practice greater happiness. Visitors will be encouraged to explore freely & participate in a range of creative activities, art installations & community gardens. 


“All of the answers are within us, but such is our tendency toward forgetting that we sometimes need to venture to a faraway land to tap our own memory.”

 – Phil Cousineau –